KeyMail Services


KeyMail currently provides a permanent e-mail address for you. Once you are a registered user, as long as your account is in good standing, you will never again have to tell people you have a new e-mail address.

We have now added the ability for you to send mail that appears to come from your KeyMail account, custom domain names, and accounts where the mail is held for you at KeyMail. If KeyMail holds your mail, you can even read it through the Web.

You can also have a home page forwarded to your current home page. You will have a page on that re-directs the request to your real home page. People can bookmark your KeyMail home page and always find you.

KeyMail is committed to providing the best service available. We will soon be moving to a very high speed connection and providing redundant equipment to allow for maximum reliability. To ensure that you never have to change e-mail addresses again, we are also making arrangements for existing customer accounts to maintained by another provider in the event that something happens to Key Internet Services.


We are also adding vacation messaging in the near future. If you have a KeyMail account, you will be notified of new features and services. Otherwise, keep checking in for availability and pricing.

Send suggestions of any other features you would like to see to