KeyMail Prices

stamp KeyMail is easy and inexpensive. Just fill out the registration form and try the service for three months. Tell people your new address, and see how convenient it is. During that month you will receive a bill to your e-mail account. All you need to do is send a check or credit card number to continue the service for the next year. After 2 month service without payment your account will be cancelled. Every year thereafter, you will receive a bill in your current e-mail box. Simple, Easy, Convenient.

The normal price is $15 (US) per year, but during our introductory period, the price is only $12 (US) per year. Sign up now while the introductory pricing is in effect. You may lock in the introductory price for as long as you would like by paying for as many additional years worth of service as you would like.

For an extra $12 (US) per year, you may have a mail account where the mail is held at KeyMail. You may then read the mail using a "POP" client (such as Eudora or Netscape Navigator) or use the KeyMail Reader and any web browser.

You may also sign up for custom domain names. For example, you could get the address This type of custom domain costs an extra $10 (US, total $22) to set up and is the same price ($12 per year) thereafter. You may also sign up for a completely custom domain of Because of the costs of registering this type of domain, the price is an extra $110 (US, total $122) to sign up and an extra $60 (US, total $72) per year. The price for a completely custom domain is driven by the fees charged by the InterNIC. You are also required to pre-pay the first years cost before the domain will be registered.

As an extra incentive to you, if your friends sign up, you will receive a credit of $1 for each person who mentions you as a referral!