Introduction to KeyMail

directions With everyone providing Internet service, how long do you think you will be using the same service? Right now AT&T is offering 5 hours of Internet access for free, but what happens when that changes? Or maybe you were using EWorld and the service was discontinued. Or you get your mail through America On-line, but don't want people to know that as they associate @aol addresses with newbies.

Have you considered that if you change companies, or move, that your e-mail will not be forwarded to your new address? You will have to advise everyone with whom you correspond of your change in address. Hopefully you will remember to tell everyone and they will write down your new address.

You may also just be looking for an e-mail address that is more easily spoken. Many e-mail addresses these days are full of numbers and special characters -- these tend to be non-user friendly.

KeyMail provides you a solution by providing you with a permanent e-mail address. You create your own which you never have to change.

Try our service for three months at no cost to you. After two months you will receive notification via e-mail reminding you about your KeyMail account and that payment is pending. To continue your service with KeyMail, mail your payment to Key Internet Services. You can also reduce your yearly bill by using our referral program.

How it works

E-mail is sent to your personal KeyMail address. This e-mail message is then forward to the address of your choice. Regardless of the number of times you move, your published e-mail address at KeyMail never changes even though where you ultimately receive your mail does.

Or you can choose to have your mail held at KeyMail and you can pick it up at your convenience. This is can be particularly useful if you end up without a regular e-mail box for some period of time. KeyMail can hold your mail until you are ready to receive it.

KeyMail allows you maximum flexibility and is highly configurable. When you activate our service you choose an e-mail address that will be your permanent address with KeyMail. A current forwarding address is registered with KeyMail for final delivery of your incoming e-mail. Any time in the future the forwarding address can be changed without cost to you or impact to your e-mail delivery. You do not have to inform people you correspond with about a change of address because they will continue to correspond with you at your KeyMail address.